Photography of custom hand-made knives is a specialty at Hawkinson Photography -- bringing all the skills we have acquired photographing three-dimensional works of art to the world of knife photography. Each knife is treated like the fine work of art that it is. Lighting, composition and background selection are all tailored specifically to the individual knife being photographed. We're sure that you will agree, the images we produce are of the highest quality, just as are the knives we photograph.
Best Miniature: Philip Booth, Blade Show West 2002
Bill Burke

Best Fantasy Knife: Max Berger, Blade Show West 2002
Ed Fowler

Best Utility Hunter: Rob Hudson, Blade Show West 2002
Best in Show & Best Folder: Michael Vagnino, Blade Show West 2002

All images copyright by Hawkinson Photography
Last Update: 12/24/2002